Hana Schank

Hana_Schank1596WEBI am the Managing Director of the Public Interest Technology program at New America, where I work on changing how government and non-profits think about problem solving.

This means that I run projects in the public sector, contribute research and scholarship to the field, tell stories about the good work governments across the country are capable of, and also call out government when it fails to serve the American people the way it is supposed to.

I am currently  writing a book with my colleague Tara McGuiness on Public Interest Technology, to be published by Princeton University Press in 2021.

My last book, The Ambition Decisions, a research-based guide for women on the decisions we make over the course of our lives around work and family, was published by Viking in 2018.

My job is based in DC but I live in Brooklyn, NY, which means that I am constantly being misunderstood. I’ve got a DC in job in a place where everyone writes or mounts plays or banks. (I don’t know anyone who banks, but I hear banking is a big industry in New York.)

So when I tell people in NYC what I do they think it’s weird, and just want to know if I’ve read that piece in the New Yorker. When I’m in DC people think my job is normal, but want to know which badges I have.

(DC is the most badge-obsessed place I’ve ever been. A blue badge means you work at the White House.)

I don’t care about badges, though it’s hard not to get into that competitive proximity to power game that DC loves.

And yes, I have read that piece in the New Yorker.