Hana Schank

hana_schankHi, all. This is my writing site. (I also have a site for my user experience company.)  I write primarily about women and technology, as well as personal essays, but have also reported pieces on education, chess, science fairs, and a range of other geeky stuff.  I’m generally fascinated by human behavior — why people do the things they do — and I follow that interest wherever it takes me.

Currently I’m a Public Interest Technology fellow at New America, where I’m researching and writing about civic technology and innovation. My newest book, The Ambition Decisions, a research-based guide for women on the decisions we make over the course of our lives around work and family, will be coming out in June. My co-author, Elizabeth Wallace, and I will be traveling around the country speaking about our research this summer and fall, so please let me know if you’ve got an event you’d like us to participate in, or a group of badass women you’d like us to speak to.

Most of the year I live in Brooklyn, NY, along with five billion other people who write and do user experience and design research stuff.  For about a month or two each year I leave and go some place with my family where people think being a writer and design researcher are unique and exciting jobs.  But we always come back to Brooklyn because I can’t live without sidewalks.

I like to write long.  So, really, I could write a lot more.  It’s kind of killing me not to.  But I also know that web writing is supposed to be pithy.  So, if you want to hear more just contact me.  I’ve always got more to say.